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Palestinian territories

For the victims of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip




  • This report monitors the number of martyrs who rose during the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. During the period from 7 to 26 October 2023 at 15:00, this report contains a summary, The numbers of martyrs are classified into males, females, adults, and children, in addition to a chart that monitors the numbers.
  • This report contains a complete record of the martyrs, including name, ID number, age, and gender. This report contains a special record of the names of children who were killed by the army’s brutal machine of destruction. Israeli forces during the aforementioned period of aggression.

Report summary:

The total number of martyrs reached 7028 martyrs, including 2913 children and 4115 adults, while the total number. The martyrs by gender were 3,129 females and 3,899 males, and the number of unidentified persons reached 281 among the total.

This report does not include the following categories:

  • Missing people under the rubble
  • Those who were buried directly without being brought to hospitals
  • Those whose hospitals were unable to complete their registration procedures

Therefore, the actual number of martyrs is hundreds of martyrs higher than the number monitored in this report.

Work methodology:

  • Once the martyrs arrive at the emergency department in government hospitals, the martyr’s arrival data is recorded with a number, identity and personal data (once identified) with time of arrival in the computerized hospital information system.
  • Each hospital also records cases of death (martyrdom) of injured people who stayed in the hospital for a period before their martyrdom.
  • Every day, martyr’s data is transferred from the decentralized hospital system to the central martyr’s registry database.
  • Non-governmental hospitals use special forms to record the data of martyrs upon their arrival, and then the forms are sent to the Health Information Center in the Ministry of Health within 24 hours so that they can be entered into the martyr’s registry database.
  • After completing the previously described migration process, the Health Information Center completes the data processing daily and ensures that it is complete and that there are no duplications or errors.
  • The Information Center prepares the daily statistical report on the numbers of martyrs and designs infographic models that explain the general situation of the martyrs’ file and sends them to the Health Emergency Operations Management Center for approval and circulation.

First: the martyrs

Distribution of martyrs according to Sex Age group
Males Females Total Adults Children Total
Daily 235 246 481 272 209 481
Cumulative 3899 3129 7028 4115 2913 7028
Percentage of cumulative 55.5% 44.5% 100% 58.6% 41.4% 100%

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Table of Contents

List No. (1)

Names of registered martyrs, their total number is 6747 (not including 281 unidentified persons).

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List No. (2)

Names of registered children and their total number is 2,665 martyrs (not including 248 children of unknown identity)

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