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We Race As One, F1’s anti-discrimination and anti-racism policy: Should Helmut Marko be investigated?



Formula 1 has been taking action in the fight against racism and discrimination, which was spearheaded by Lewis Hamilton‘s ‘We Race As One’ campaign, for years.

F1‘s zero-tolerance policy was launched in 2020, with drivers joining in by wearing a T-shirt reading ‘End Racism’ and taking a knee before each race.

Part of the campaign even saw the use of the rainbow on the teams’ single-seaters as a symbol to unite communities. However, this was removed in 2021 with the argument that they should focus on sustainability, diversity and equality.

“I have personally experienced racism in my life and have seen my family or friends with the same, and I speak from the heart when I call for this change,” Hamilton stated in 2020.

Helmut Marko’s discrimination against Sergio Perez?

Three years after the launch of ‘We Race As One’, Helmut Marko has created controversy as he is being accused of using discriminatory words against Sergio Perez.

“Checo is South American and that’s why his head is not as focused as Max Verstappen‘s or as Sebastian Vettel was,” he mentioned in an interview for Sport & Talk of Servus TV.

His discriminatory words against the driver from Guadalajara because of his roots continued hours later, and when he had the opportunity to apologize, Marko added fuel to the fire.

“I didn’t mean that, I meant that a Mexican has a different mentality than a German or a Dutchman,” he told OE24 Sports.

Investigation against Helmut Marko?

Following the words of Red Bull advisor, the silence from Formula 1, FIA or the team, has been questioned by some who feel they should condemn his statements.

The hashtag ‘We Race As One’ has once again popped up on social media. However, for the moment, no word on any sort of investigation has emerged.

It should be noted that the FIA has already imposed harsh sanctions against people who have been guilty of ‘racism or discrimination’, like Nelson Piquet in 2021 after his comments on Hamilton.

Red Bull had their own case with Juri Vips, a reserve driver who made a derogatory comment during a Twitch stream, which resulted in the team terminating his contract.

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