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WWE’s D-Von Dudley Discusses Racism In Wrestling, Issue With ‘Prominent Figure’



Dudley revealed that he talked to veterans such as Koko B. Ware and Bad News Brown about how to “survive” as an African American in the business. He stayed out of trouble so that higher-ups never had a reason to “mess with” him in any way and also had backup plans in case things didn’t work out.

“Whenever I disagreed with something within the business, I always had a plan B just in case I didn’t like plan A,” Dudley said. “I couldn’t just go to them and say ‘Listen, I don’t want to do that, I’m not going to do that.’ I always said, ‘I don’t feel comfortable but here’s what I think we can do.’ Sometimes it worked and sometimes we didn’t. I went in there with a smile on my face and did it even if they told me that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do and that was fine.”

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