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Editorial stance on Frost, SPLC is disappointing



It’s about time someone spoke up against DeSantis

I could not disagree with your editorial more. There has been so little outcry about all the awful things that DeSantis and his pals have been doing in our state. It’s about damn time someone has the guts to speak up. Both Maxwell Frost and the SPLC expressed what so many of us think. They should be lauded rather than shamed. Who else will speak for us? Obviously not you in this editorial.

Melly Howell Orlando

Sentinel’s criticism of Frost, SPLC welcomed

Even though the thermometer reads 95 degrees, reading Wednesday’s editorial made me wonder if hell hath frozen over. A small glimmer of hope for journalism in an oft dark and murky pool.

Peter Stephens Orlando

Editorial stance on Frost, SPLC is disappointing

I don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed in an editorial position by the Sentinel as I was on June 14, reading the piece about Congressman Maxwell Frost and the SPLC (“Rep. Frost, anti-hate group went too far”) in which the Sentinel Editorial Board tone-polices Black people and their righteous outrage against racism, fascism and outright hate. Telling Frost and the SPLC to “take the high road” borders on racism itself, where both have spoken out against racism, bigotry, hate and patent fascism. The Moms for Liberty and Ron DeSantis have wedged their high-heeled boots in the door precisely by exploiting this appeal to politeness — and they’re not stopping. They’re oozing onto our school board, taking over colleges and universities, making terrible health-care policy, overtaking our state court system. Why is the Sentinel helping them?

I’m with Congressman Frost. (Expletive deleted) that.

Judi Hayes Orlando

Fort Bragg comment shows disrespect

As a U.S. Army veteran, I was shocked and ashamed to read that our governor has vowed to change the name of Fort Liberty back to Fort Bragg if he’s elected president. Gen. Bragg was a failed Confederate general, and slave owner. Is the governor unaware that approximately 20% of our Army is African American? His disrespect for our soldiers and our history is jaw-dropping.

Jim Torpey Cocoa Beach

Don’t lose sight of children’s suffering

Florida ranks an alarming 31st among the states in children’s “well-being” which is judged by indicators such as education, economic and health issues. Gov. DeSantis should spend more time and effort on improving this standing instead of his feud with Disney World.  The future is in the hands of our children.

Shelby F. Morrison Orlando

Trump defenders show true colors

All the people in Washington defending Donald Trump and saying he did nothing wrong by taking classified documents to his home should have any security clearance they have immediately revoked. They have proven they can’t be trusted with classified material.
Gary Ulmer Oviedo

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