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‘Awesome’ Andre enjoys being a leader



Andre, self-described as “awesome” is a lovely young man of African American descent. He is very empathetic and loves animals. Andre plays basketball, makes music (especially rap), and enjoys showing off his skills. He also loves to play PlayStation 5 and to be outdoors. Andre likes to make others laugh. He is very good with younger children and enjoys being a leader.

He does well in school with the support of an IEP. Andre is smart, enjoys reading, doing math, and enjoyed participating in school online and with a tutor. He does well when he receives a lot of positive reinforcement.

Andre would love nothing more than to have a loving and devoted two-parent family of any constellation with or without other children in the home. Interested families need to be firmly committed to providing appropriate ethnic and cultural role models and information with respect to his birth cultures which includes discussing racism and discrimination. It is also important that interested families are willing to allow him to maintain contact with his birth family, as Andre describes them as important to him and important to maintaining a connection to his culture. Currently, he has phone contact with his sister and birthparents and likely once a month in-person visits.

To learn more about adoption from foster care visit . Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) can give you guidance and information on the adoption process. Reach out today to find out all the ways you can help children and teens in foster care.

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