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Queens, New York neighbor accused of spraying family with water.



The city of New York: A medical professional residing in Queens alleges that his neighbor directed a stream of water from a hose towards him and his family while they were hosting a gathering in their residential outside space.

The family asserts that the incident was motivated by racial prejudice, however the neighbor contends that there are additional factors that need to be considered in order to fully understand the situation. 

The ambiance was filled with the melodious sounds of reggae music, evoking a sense of joy and merriment among the attendees. However, the tranquil atmosphere was abruptly disrupted as water unexpectedly began to emanate from the next yard. 

According to Claude Duroseau, it was promptly recognized that the presence of this water was not fortuitous but rather intentional.

According to Duroseau, a medical professional, Marcus Rosebrock, a resident in the vicinity, directed a stream of water from his garden hose towards the Black and Latino individuals attending a gathering in Forest Hills in September 2022, with the intention of disrupting the music and festivities. 

According to Dr. Yves Duroseau, ” if an individual were to request that I lower the volume of the music due to their children’s inability to sleep, I would promptly comply with their request.” 

On Thursday, the family and their legal representative held a press conference subsequent to initiating a lawsuit alleging that Rosebrock’s conduct was driven by racial bias. The family is pursuing a monetary sum that has not been publicly publicized. 

Attorney Derek S. Sells asserted that Mr. Rosebrock subjected our clients to dehumanization.

CBS New York made an attempt to visit Rosebrock’s residence; however, their efforts were met with no response when knocking on the door.The attorney defending Rosebrock expressed a strong commitment to establishing the veracity of the case through legal proceedings. Additionally, the attorney asserted that the Duroseau family and their acquaintances were the instigators of the incident prior to any recorded footage.

According to the attorney’s statement, Rosebrock’s actions were motivated by his desire to safeguard his property as well as the well-being of three minors. 

Marcus vehemently denies any allegations suggesting that he possesses racist tendencies or that his actions were driven by racial bias. According to the statement provided by Rosebrock’s attorney, it is argued that equating the aggressive and violent activities of the Plaintiffs at a house party with the nonviolent protests carried out by individuals advocating for civil rights in the 1960s is a fallacious comparison. Furthermore, it is contended that such a comparison is insulting towards the historical significance and the struggles endured by people who fought for civil rights during that era.

As to the lawsuit, the gathering came to an abrupt and forceful conclusion when Rosebrock engaged in repeated acts of spraying the plaintiffs with a water hose. The allegations encompass acts of assault, trespassing, and property damage.

According to Claude Duroseau, the events of this evening have had a lasting impact on all of us, resulting in emotional and psychological distress. Despite the passage of an entire year since the occurrence of this incident, I continue to experience a persistent state of psychological distress. 

According to the Duroseau family, an uninvited white woman accompanied by a German shepherd dog arrived at the gathering and insisted that the volume of the music be reduced. 

According to Rosebrock’s legal representative, the family of the defendant has been subjected to threats of physical harm. 

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