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Ex-Denver Postal Worker in Blackface Goes on Rant at Target



Ex-Denver Postal Worker Goes on Bizarre Rant at Target While in Blackface

On Wednesday, a former employee of the United States Postal Service in Colorado was recorded on film engaging in abusive behavior towards customers at a Target store, while also wearing blackface. Prior to her peculiar exhibition, she had received a prohibition from accessing USPS premises.

“Today, my mother and I encountered this situation at a Target store in Denver,” a user called Logan posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. The post included a photo and a 38-second video showing a woman wearing blackface, angrily speaking towards the camera. The business was located in Aurora, which is a suburb of Denver, according to many accounts.

“You are unequivocally engaging in blackface,” the one recording the footage remarks with revulsion. “Located centrally within the store.”

Positioned on the opposite side of a shelving display adjacent to the pay registers, the woman retorts, “Lester Holt engaged in the act of applying makeup to resemble a person of Caucasian descent, and no one expressed any objection!”
In 2009, as part of a customary practice where NBC hosts don costumes on the Today show for Halloween, Holt used makeup and attire to resemble Susan Boyle, the Scottish vocalist who gained immediate popularity following a remarkable audition on Britain’s Got Talent that same year.

Where is your LGBTQ+ section located? The woman abruptly shouts at a Target staff, demanding to be informed. The employee responds by mentioning that Pride season has already concluded.

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