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Tamir Rice

Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old youngster, was fatally shot on November 22, 2014, by a Caucasian police officer in Cleveland, Ohio. A pair of law enforcement personnel promptly attended to a police dispatch call indicating the presence of an individual brandishing a firearm and threatening unsuspecting others within the park. The 911 caller clearly and unequivocally declared at the onset and midpoint of the call that the firearm in question is “likely counterfeit.” At the conclusion of the call, he mentions that the individual wielding the firearm “is likely an adolescent.” Regrettably, the responding cops were not informed of that vital information.

I Am Cudell: Cleveland Residents Remember Tamir Rice from on Vimeo.

Tamir was alone, inside a gazebo, when two police officers parked their vehicle directly on the grass adjacent to the gazebo. The cop promptly discharged their firearm, striking the sixth grader within a just three seconds of their arrival at the scene. Confirming the caller’s assumption, it was determined that the pistol possessed by the young boy was really a mere imitation toy gun. The homicide of this blameless juvenile occurred with excessive swiftness. In the video, the police car is in the midst of halting when young Tamir is shot.

In addition to the harm already inflicted, Tamir’s mother, Samaria Rice, reported that she faced the possibility of being arrested due to her vocal confrontation with the police, who denied her the opportunity to get to her son’s side as he lay dying. In addition, she mentioned that upon receiving the news of his gunshot wound, his 14-year-old sister also attempted to quickly reach Tamir’s location. At that moment, law enforcement personnel forcefully restrained Tamir’s sister, restrained her hands with handcuffs, and placed her inside a police vehicle alongside the same officer who had already shot her younger sibling.

Tamir Rice’s mom on her quest for justice | Velshi from Lauren Winn on Vimeo.

Subsequent investigation uncovered that the officer responsible for Tamir’s death had previously been classified as an emotionally unstable trainee and unsuitable for employment as a police officer in a Cleveland suburb. He was unfit to serve as a police officer and Tamir’s death was unnecessary.

After a few months, the prosecution submitted evidence to a grand jury, who refused to bring formal charges, arguing that Tamir seemed to be pulling out a real pistol from his waist when the police arrived. The family of Tamir Rice filed a lawsuit against the city of Cleveland, which was later resolved through a settlement of $6 million.

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