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Slur Represents Reason & Origins
7-11 Arabs Work at menial jobs like 7-11 clerks.
Abba-Dabba Arabs Used in the movie “Betrayed” by rural American hate group.
Abdul Arabs Common name.
Abi-Dabi Arabs A mispronunciation of the capitol city of The United Arab Emarites, which is Abu-Dhabi
Ahab Arabs From the song “Ahab, the A-rab”
Aladdin Arabs One Thousand and One Nights
Alphabet Arabs Many names seem to use every letter of the alphabet.
Aravi Arabs Hebrew word for arabs
Atta Arabs Taken from the 9/11 terrorist who flew a plane into the World Trade Center, Mohammed Atta
Bara Arabs Arab spelled backwards.
Batman Arabs Women of the Islamic faith who wear a cape(loosely) and mask similar to that of Batman.
Beur Arabs Verlan (French slang) for “reube”, which is itself verlan for “Arabe”. Usually used for children of migrants from Maghreb settled in France in the 60-70’s. Not inherently derogatory.
Bin Laden Arabs Self-explanatory
BMO Arabs Muslim Women. Stands for Black Moving Objects – refers to the complete head-to-toe black dress of Muslim women.
Bomb-Builder Arabs Many terrorists nowadays are Arabs.
Boxcutter Arabs September 11th
Cabbie Arabs A large portion of cab drivers seem to be foreigners, mostly of Arab or Indo descent.
Cairo Coon Arabs Variant on sand nigger.
Camel Cowboy Arabs They ride camels like cowboys ride horses.
Camel Crunch Arabs From the cereal “Captin Crunch” only the Arabian version
Camel Jockey Arabs From camels being a major form of transportation in the Middle Eastern countries.
Camel-Fucker Arabs Refers to lonely Arab shepherds.
Camel-Jacker Arabs A take off on Camel Jockey and Camel-Humper. This refers to the act of “stimulating” a camel by hand.
Carpet Pilot Arabs Reference to Aladdin and his magic flying carpet. Also: Carpet Jockey
Cave Nigger Arabs Osama Bin Laden reference
Center Denter Arabs Destroying the World Trade Center
Checkpoint Arabs They get stopped at all airport security checkpoints.
Clit-Chopper Arabs Female circumcision
Clit-Swiper Arabs Female circumcision is a common practive in some Arab countries
Clitless Arabs From the practice of female circumcision in some parts of the Arab world
Dees-Right Arabs Arab people always ask “Is dees right, Is dees right?” (meaning ‘is this right?’)
Demi-nigger Arabs Somewhat lighter skin tone than Blacks.
Derka Derka Arabs From Team America: World Police.
Diaper-Head Arabs Same idea as Towel-head or Rag-head.
Dirty Knees Arabs In reference to the daily Muslim prayings on their knees
Double D Arabs Desert Darky
Dune Coon Arabs Comes from ‘coon’ (Blacks) of the ‘dunes’ (sand dunes) in the Middle East. Also just Dunecoon
Dune Nigger Arabs Same ideas as Doon Coon and Sand Nigger.
Durka-durka Arabs How English-speakers hear their language(s). From the film “Team America: World Police”
Dusty Nuts Arabs It comes from Arabs living in the desert.
Ewok Arabs Refers to Muslim religious headdress resembling that worn by the Star Wars characters, “Ewoks.”
Fadi Arabs Common Arab name, plural is Fadii (Fa-Die).
Fez Arabs They wear fezes, the little hats.
Fig Gobbler Arabs They eat figs.
Firecracker Arabs They blow themselves up.
Fremen Arabs A reference to the Dune series of novels. Their nomadic lives in the desert are similar to that of Arabs. In addition, they also speak Arabic.
Gimmie Arabs 7-11 workers, “gimmie” a dollar
Glass Nigger Arabs If an atomic weapon were to go off, sand niggers would become glass niggers.
Goat Roper Arabs See Camel Jockeys, etc.
Grenade Arabs They blow themselves up.
Habibi Arabs Translates in Arabic to “Beloved”. Technically a term of affection but still sounds funny.
Hucka-lucka Arabs Derived from the sound of them speaking (as heard by a dumb American).
Hurammi Arabs Arabic word for thief.
Iraqi Pete Arabs From the Staurday Night Live character played by Adam Sandler.
Jacker Arabs Many prominent hijackings over the past 25 years were done by various Arab/Islamic fundamentalist groups.
Jawa Arabs Sand people from Star Wars (used to refer to Arabs on South Park)
Jig-Abdul Arabs Mid-East version of ‘Jigaboo’
Jihad Arabs A word used by militant Muslims in reference to purging the world of infidels. Translates roughly to “struggle”.
Jihadi Arabs Mosslems in India have been branded after Jihad.
Land Torpedo Arabs Car bombers.
Landya Arabs Actually means ‘cut cocks’ because of the rite of circumcising followed by Muslims.
Lefty Arabs Thieves in the Arab countries get their hand chopped off.
Mocha Arabs Skin color (not quite black).
Moor Arabs For the Muslims that invaded Europe during the Middle Ages. Also used as derogatory against those of ancestry where the Moors settled (Spain, Sicily) – they are “part Moor”.
Muhammad Arabs Common name.
Muzzie Arabs A lot of Arabs are Muslims. Muslim, Muzzie.
Naffer Arabs Naf short for North-African
Ocnod Arabs A bastardization of Achnad, a common Arab name.
Oil Baron Arabs Self explanatory
OPEC Arabs The Organization of Petrolium Exporting Countries
Osama Arabs Osama Bin Laden, obviously
P.L.O. Arabs Palestinian Liberation Organization
Pajama Mamma Arabs Arab (and/or Muslim) women wear clothes that resemble pajamas
Papa Ganoush Arabs A play on the arabic food baba ganoush, an eggplant and garlic sauce which is often consumed by arabic people.
Peanut Butter Brother Arabs Not quite White; Not Quite Black. The color of peanut butter.
Pube Face Arabs They have pubes on their chins
Q-Tip Head Arabs Turbans/other headdress
Rab Arabs Rab short for “Arab”
Racoon Arabs Dark around the eyes
Rag-head Arabs Referring to common head dressings of middle easterners.
Raq-Coon Arabs As in Iraqi coon (see: coon)
Roach-Rancher Arabs Their apartments often have roaches, which they are forbidden to kill.
Rock-Chucker Arabs They don’t have guns so they throw rocks
Roman Candle Arabs Suicide bomber who’s bomb doesn’t go off as planned.
Rug Merchant Arabs Obvious
Rug Pilot Arabs Same as Carpet Pilot
Rug-Rider Arabs See: Rug Pilot.
Sand Flea Arabs Parasitic sand dwellers.
Sand Kisser Arabs When kneeling to Mecca, Arabs bend in a position enabling them to kiss the sand.
Sand Monkey Arabs Same as sand nigger.
Sand Moolie Arabs Same idea as Sand Nigger, only with Moolie.
Sand Nigger Arabs Arabs generally live in sandy places.
Sand Rat Arabs Self Explanatory
Sand Scratcher Arabs Demeaning to people living in deserts
Sandies Arabs Specifically Afghani’s & Iraqi’s. Used by the 82nd Airborne in 2003.
Sandy Arabs Yet another sand reference
Sandy Crockett Arabs Patriotic arab. Play on Davey Crockett.
Shit Hand Arabs Refers to the Arab custom of wiping one’s butt with the left hand, rather than with toilet paper.
Sleeper Cell Arabs Terrorism-related
Slurpee Arabs Traditional convenience store employee.
Slurpee Nigger Arabs Operation of convenience stores, which sell Slurpees.
Slushee-Slinger Arabs In reference to how many Arabians deal slushees out of their convenience stores.
Snake Charmer Arabs Known to frequently “charm” Cobra snakes.
Snigger Arabs Short for Sand Nigger
Stan Arabs AfghaniSTAN, PakiSTAN, etc.
Sun Goblin Arabs Small, ulgly, vicious creatures of a sunny land
Sunarefa Arabs Used by Russian metal band Korrozia Metalla on the song (title translates to) “Kill The Sunarefa.” Sunarefa refers to a Soviet brand of cold medicine. I do not know if Korrozia Metalla (Corrosion of Metal) were the first to use this slang or how it came about, but it seemed very widly understood among Russian youth.
Terr-ab Arabs Short for terrorist-Arab
Terrorist Arabs Self explanatory.
Towel-head Arabs Referring to a popular Muslim headdress. Also: Rag-head.
Towlie Arabs Self explanatory
Turco Arabs Used primarily in Spanish-speaking countries, and South America in particular as a derogatory term for people of Arabic descent. It means “Turk,” a much-hated nation by other Arabic states, in Spanish.
Tuskan Raider Arabs Inspired by Star Wars, they are the sand people with the spears.
Tusken Raider Arabs Sand people in Star Wars
Urban Turban Arabs Arab who tries to act black
Zeb Arabs Zeb is the Arabic word for “dick”