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Slur Represents Reason & Origins
925 Blacks Police Code in Suburban LA for “Suspicious Person”
AA Blacks African American. Could also refer to double-A batteries, which you use for a while then throw away.
Abeed Blacks Arabic term that means Black, many Middle Eastern immigrants to the United States use this
Ace Of Spades Blacks Self Explanatory
African Blacks Home continent.
African’t Blacks Unemployed/lazy Blacks
Africoon Blacks Combination of African and Coon.
Afro Blacks Referring to hairstyle
Amazon Blacks

A word used in a derogatory way to describe a large black woman. Referring to the Dahomey women warriors, also known as Dahomey Amazons, Mino, or Ahosi.

Americoon Blacks Combination of American and Coon.
Angus Blacks Angus are a black breed of beef cattle.
Antique Farm Equipment Blacks Slaves being used for labor.
Ape Blacks Self Explanatory.
Apple Blacks Has to do with “hanging from a tree”.
Arf Blacks African Rock Fish. Jones Beach (NYC) term for Blacks due to their poor swimming abilities.
Ashy Blacks When their skin gets dry it can tend to look ashy.
Aunt Jemima Blacks After the stereotypically Black trademark picture on “Aunt Jemima” brand breakfast foods.
Baboomba Blacks From the “booming” of their car stereos.
Baboon Blacks Another simian reference
Baluba Blacks Name belonging to a tribe that killed Irish soldiers in Africa.
Baluga Blacks Filipino equiv. to Nigger, known by all Filipinos
Banjo Lips Blacks Big lips
Bantu Blacks Comes from the apartheid racial classification for Blacks. Rarely used today. Derogatory
BAP Blacks Means “Black American Princess”. Arrogant female blacks who flaunt their money around and demand the finest things in life.
BBK Blacks Big Black Cocks. Spelled with a K, as in the Korn song of the same title.
BDN Blacks “Big Dummy Nigger” Comes from the movie “The Green Mile”. A white prisoner calls a black prisoner a Big Dummy Nigger.
Bear Blacks Black Educated And Rich
Bebe’s Kids Blacks Reference to a stand up comic’s famous bit about Bebe’s kids that inspired a movie years later.
Beggar Blacks Black people often want “something for nothing.”
Bergie Blacks Originally referring to the primarily coloured hobos who live on Table Mountain near Cape Town.
BET Blacks Black Entertainment Television
BFI Blacks BFI, the name of a waste disposal company, is on the side of their dumpsters. Stands for Black Family Inside.
Billy Reuben Blacks The pigment that makes feces brown is called “bilirubin”
Bingo-Bongo Blacks Italian wordplay of African names/language
Biscuit Lip Blacks Reference to large lips.
Bix Nood Blacks From a racist cartoon spread on the internet where a black man is breaking into a house saying “mup da doo ditta po mo BIX NOOD”
Black Barbie Blacks Refers to a black woman when she wears her hair and makeup to try and look like a white woman.
Black Magic Blacks “It has always fascinated researchers how the black folk manage to get there hands on grog money daily.” Specific words of the original submitter, of which I am fascinated by.
Black Time Blacks Perceived tendency for Blacks to be late
Blackie Blacks Self-explanatory.
Blacky Chan Blacks Blacks who practice martial arts
Bleck Blacks Sounds like the word “black” said with a South African accent.
Blockbuster Blacks A real estate agent who sells a home in an upper-class white neighborhood to a black family, thus lowering the values of other homes in the neighborhood. (This can be stretched to include inviting a black or minority friend over for dinner.)
Blood Blacks LA-based gang. Can be used offensively towards non-gang members.
Blow Blacks Originated from blacks originally living in Africa and using blow guns.
BLT Blacks “Big-Lipped Tyrone,” or for female version “Big-Lipped Tyreesha.” Inspired from the 80’s version of Degrassi Jr. High where the black guy wore a shirt with the phrase “BLT,” his initials.
Blue Gums Blacks Old myth that if one were bitten by a nigger with blue gums, they would die.
BMW Blacks “Black Mans Wish,” referring to BMW automobiles. Also: “Black Man, Working.” Used by young Black women seeking a partner who is steadily employed. That such a code term was coined shows that a “BMW” must be something of a rarity.
Bo-Bo Blacks Sounds like a monkeys name or implies stupidty.
Bobblehead Blacks Black women have a tendency to violently shake their heads in heated conversations.
Boffer/Boofer Blacks The Hawaiians or Polynesians call Blacks this name. Same as nigger in the United States.
Bomb Blacks Bombs in cartoons are typically black
Bonky Blacks Name for blacks who act or talk white
Boogat Blacks Comes from the similar idea of calling a black person a “Spook.” C. 1940s
Boogie Blacks Referring to “Boogie Woogie” form of jazz? Could come from W. African “Buuker” or “Buckra”, meaning “Devil”, “Boogie man” or “White Man”. Turned around and used against Blacks by Whites.
Boon Blacks Probably a derivation of “Baboon” or the black “Boon Bug” beetle.
Bootlip Blacks During the Industrial boom of the auto industry and OSHA’a requirement of safety precautions, workers were required to wear steel-toed boots. Common steel-toed boots are black in color and have large, bulky toes – referencing the size of black’s lips.
Bounty Bar Blacks The Bounty Bar is a coconut filled chocolate bar, so it’s brown on the outside but white on the inside. An insult to (for example) black police officers in England.
Bourbon Blacks Bourbon are brown coloured brown cream filled biscuits. Possibly a variant of eggplant. Bourbon is also a dark alchoholic drink
Boy Blacks Originated during slavery. Used to belittle blacks.
Bozak Blacks Pronounced (bow-zack) southern term for a big black man. “thats one black bozak”
Branch Manager Blacks Monkeys climb trees.
Brillo Pad Blacks Hair reminiscent of a Brillo Pad.
Bro Blacks Contraction of brother, see: Brother.
Brother Blacks Used by blacks in an effort to help unify their race. Also used by non-black races to poke fun at or try to identify with the black race.
Brown Trumpet Blacks Represents Black American jazz musicians.
Brownie Blacks Skin color, like the favorite treat.
Bubb Rubb Blacks Wooooo Wooooo.
Bubba Blacks When referring to prison, the big guy who takes advantage of all the new prisoners is derogatorily called Bubba.
Bubbles Blacks Big Black man from the film Lilo and Stitch
Buck/Buck Nigger Blacks This word has been used since the 17th century to refer to a male Negro – no matter whether slave or not.
Buckwheat Blacks Refers to Buckwheat, a Black character on “The Little Rascals.”
Buffalo Soldier Blacks When the U.S. government was clearing the West of Native Americans, they sent many black units to hunt them down. The Indians thought they looked like buffalo.
Bumper Lips Blacks Self-explanatory.
Bun Blacks Big Ugly Nigger.
Buppie Blacks A (young) black upwardly professional person. Like yuppie, but refers to blacks.
Burnt Cracker Blacks Used as a response to Blacks who call Whites crackers.
Burnt Match Blacks Self-explanatory.
Burnt Toast Blacks Skin color can resemble that of a burnt piece of bread.
Burr Head Blacks Hair Texture.
Bush-Boogie Blacks Derived from their jungle origins.
Butter Blacks Alternative to Nigger.
C-15 Blacks From some mythical form where the circle you filled out for “race = black” was column c, number 15.
Caffre Blacks Derogatory term used by South African whites during the apartheid era, now considered an offense and beeped out from the media (like an ordinary curse in USA)
Calpurnia Blacks Black women that are nannies. Comes from the character Calpurnia in the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird.”
Camel Lips Blacks Self Explanatory
Canadian Blacks Used as a masked replacement for ‘Nigger.’
Candy Man Blacks Named after Sammy Davis Jr.’s famous song, the “Candy Man.”
Canigger Blacks Combination of Canadian and Nigger for black Canadians.
Cargo Blacks Slave ship reference.
Carl Winslow Blacks Obese black males. Reference to character from “Family Matters” TV show.
Carlton (Banks) Blacks Black males who behave like whites or talk very proper. “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” reference.
Casabooboo Blacks From 1960s African leader Casavubu.
Cast Iron Blacks The color of cast iron after weathering or “black” pipe – plumber’s term for ungalvanized cast/ductile iron.
Chad Blacks Chad is the country next to Niger in Africa
Chain Dragger Blacks Refers to being on a prison chain gang.
Chalky Blacks Heard throughout Ireland, extremely derogatory word for blacks, who have an increasing number in the Irish population.
Chango Blacks Used by Hispanics. Spanish word meaning monkey.
Charcoal Briquette Blacks Used by Tony Soprano from The Sopranos to represent his daughter’s half black boyfriend.
Chernozhopyi Blacks Russian term literally translating as ‘Black-Assed’. Found here
Cheshire Cat Blacks From Alice In Wonderland. The only way you see them in the dark is if they open their eyes and smile.
Chicago Navajo Blacks Heavy concentration of blacks in Chicago
Chicken Bandit Blacks Refers to one of their favorite foods.
Chiquita Blacks The chiquita bananas have the black woman on the sticker
Choco Blacks Short for chocolate, in reference to skin color.
Chocolate Drop Blacks Chocolate is brown.
Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Blacks A black guy who acts white.
Chombo Blacks Panamanian derogatory jargon.
CHUD Blacks From the monster movie “C.H.U.D.”, starring primitive dark creatures that lived in sewers
Clicky Blacks From that African language that all it is is clicks and whistles
Cliff Ape Blacks Black/Simian/Primate eference
Clocker Blacks A street term for lowest level crack dealer.
Clyde Blacks Perhaps comes from the name of the monkey in the Clint Eastwood films
Coal-Miner Blacks A Russian term for blacks, which originated because of their dark skin which looks like it is covered in coal dust. Pronounced “shahktor” in Russian.
Cocoa Blacks From southwestern area of the US, called blacks “cocoa” for very much disrespect. See Cocoa Puff.
Cocoa Puff Blacks Blacks with afros or puffy hair
Cocolo Blacks Dominicans used this term for Blacks because they look like “Coco”nuts and it sounds really African.
Coconut Blacks Blacks, Hispanics, Filipino, Arabs, etc. Mainly used to describe dark-skinned people who are perceived as trying to be “white”…brown on the outside, white on the inside.
Cocoon Blacks It’s what you call a black guy that stutters
Cold Drink Blacks In the South, some Blacks refer to all beverages as “Cold Drinks.” For example, “I want some cold drink!”
Colin Blacks Black who act white: Colin Powell.
Colonel’s Kids Blacks Refers to Colonel Sanders. Blacks are thought to love Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Colored Blacks Skin color. Probably not a very good slur, as it’s one of the words of NAACP.
Coltrane Blacks In reference to John Coltrane, the famous Jazz saxophonist. Used in the film “The Royal Tenenbaum’s”
Congo Blacks Dark African Americans who act better than White people
Congo Lip Blacks In reference to the ring-shaped objects primitive peoples from the South American jungles insert into their lips.
Conky Blacks Derived from “conk”, a lye-straightened hairdo popularized in the 1920s by Cab Calloway.
Conquistador Blacks Refers to the Spanish conquerors who took over areas against the will of the current inhabitants.
Cookie Blacks One of the few jobs blacks were allowed to do after enlisting in the U.S. Navy was food preparation. Referenced in “Men of Honor.”
Coon Blacks Probably refers to the Portuguese word for slave pens or barracks “baracoons”. Could also have meaning as a shortening of “raccoon”, as raccoons have a tendency to steal.Possibly from Dr. Carleton Coon, who, in the mid-1960’s, theorized that blacks were less evolved than whites.
Coonadian Blacks Black people from Canada
Cooner Blacks Black actor who sells out to get laughs from white people.
Coontang Blacks Whenever a White man fucks a Black woman, he gets some Coontang
Cordon Blacks Derivative of the name of a champagne; Cordon Negro.
Cornbread Blacks It was in the movie “Shaft.” Apparently Black people like Corn Bread.
Cornelius Blacks Planet Of The Apes reference.
Cosby Blacks Sitcom named the Cosby’s. A family of all blacks.
Cotton Ball Blacks Nappy/frizzy hair esp. the 70’s Afro style; bought to pick cotton in the Old South
Cotton-Picker Blacks Originates from pre-Civil War US. Refers to the slaves who picked cotton all day at the plantations.
Craw Blacks Fondness of “CRAW”dads.
Crayola Blacks Black people are colored, as in crayons.
Cream Of Wheat Blacks A famous black person in the world of advertising is the man on the Cream of Wheat box.
Cricket Blacks Color of skin vs. cricket’s color (brown/black). Pure blooded Blacks having “large fish eyes, dark brown skin, and long legs like a cricket.” Could also refer to Blacks that stay up all night playing loud thumping music, real common in the industrial Midwest.
Crime Blacks The high crime rate among Blacks.
Crimestopper Blacks Refers to an African American woman who has an abortion
Criminal Factory Blacks Refers to pregnant black women, thought to be breeding future criminals.
Crioulo Blacks Brazilian slur for black people
Crispy Blacks Very dark black people are refered to as crispy
Crow Blacks Relatively large black bird. Could also be a reference to “Jim Crow”, a popular 19th-century minstrel song that stereotyped African Americans, which later was used as the name of the Jim Crow laws, which enforced racial segregation in the South.
Cubs Blacks Look like cartoon bear cubs.
Cuff Blacks Heard used by white southern Georgia farmers to describe blacks. The origin is that blacks are always being arrested and being hand”cuffed” by the police.
Curb-Biter Blacks Having someone bite the curb and kicking him in the back of the head is a painful way to kill someone. Often, as in the movie American History X, it is used as punishment for insubordinate blacks.
Czarnuch Blacks In Polish ‘black’ (as a color) is ‘czarny’. Strongly derogatory.
D.F.N. Blacks Dumb Fucking Nigger
DAN Blacks “Dumb Ass Nigger”. Used to conceil racially discrimative remarks towards blacks when present.
Darkie Blacks Skin color.
Darkness Blacks Self Explanatory. Often used to describe a crowd of African Americans.
Dawg Blacks Some blacks call other “Dawgs”. See: Homie
Defendant Blacks They are known often as this in a court of law
Democrats Blacks A popular political affiliation among African Americans. Also in reference to always wanting stuff for free.
Destro Blacks Destro is the evil Cobra character from G.I. Joe.
Deuce Blacks On the Philadelphia police form, 1=white, 2=black
Ding Dong Blacks Black on the outside, white on the inside. Blacks who act white
Dinge Blacks Used in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
Do-Da Blacks Black people stand by the mail box and ask the mailman, “Do ‘da, do ‘da welfare check come today?”
Donkey Kong Blacks Donkey Kong was a large ape.
Dootie Blacks Refers to their dootie-brown skin.
Dorito Blacks Blacks have a fondness for Doritos.
Double A Blacks Shorter version of ‘African American.’
Double Dip Blacks Used for extra-dark Blacks, appearing as if they were dipped in chocolate twice.
Doujin Blacks Japanese slur for blacks. Dou means dirt, jin means person.
DWB Blacks Driving While Black. Police-type term referring to blacks driving through white neighborhoods.
Egglet Blacks Black Children — “little eggplant.”
Eggot Blacks Tagalog word for black (Phillipines)
Eggplant Blacks Slur used mainly by Italians. See: Moolie.
Egot Blacks A derogatory term used by Filipinos meaning “nigger”.
Egoy Blacks Filipino racial slang for Black people
Eight Ball Blacks Color of the eight ball in pool
Elevator Operator Blacks Non-demanding job for education-less/trade-less person.
Eraser Head Blacks During the late 80’s and early 90’s it was popular for blacks to cut their hair at an angle, forming a bevel that look similar to those pink erasers that you used in grade school.
Es-obe Blacks Meaning “Apes Obey!” Used by British Colonial masters in Africa commanding the African workers to get to work. The early colonized Africans, not knowing the meaning of the command also cultivated it into their language- using it among themselves to gather themselves to work efficiently.
Extra Crispy Blacks A southern exspression that represents their burnt appearence, as well as their stereotypical love of fried chicken.
Fahim Blacks Arabs use this word meaning charcoal to describe blacks and very dark arabs
Fakey Jamaikey Blacks Blacks who try to act Jamaican, but actually aren’t. Mostly used on TV or for musical purposes. For example, Miss Cleo: psychic advisor and tarot card reader.
Fat Albert Blacks Used against overweight African American males in reference to a popular 1980’s cartoon created by Bill Cosby (for example, saying “hey hey hey” around a fat black man could be considered offensive by some)
Feargal Blacks Short for Feargal Sharkey (a UK Pop singer from late 70’s and 80’s) which rhymes with Darkie.
Feb Blacks February is Black history month.
Field Nigger Blacks Field nigger is the term used to label blacks who choose not to identify with popular white society and culture, as opposed to house niggers–blacks who bend over backwards to win or maintain favor with whites while relishing in the fact that they at least reside in the house with the master rather then outside with the majority of blacks.
FILA Blacks Finally I Left Africa, popular clothing brand
Floppy Blacks In Zimbabwe, the blacks are referred to as floppies because of the floppy hats they wear on their heads.
Foedy Blacks Black people are known to drink “40”oz beers
Franklin Blacks The only black kid from the Peanuts series.
Frasier Blacks Term that represents people with big “packages.”
FroBro Blacks From Afro hair style and Bro for brother.
Frostbite Blacks when one gets frostbite, their skin becomes dark
FUBU Blacks As in the clothing line F.U.B.U., or known by African Americans as “For Us, By Us.” Racially translated to “Farmers Used to Buy (or Beat) Us”
Future Inmate Blacks Two-thirds of American inmates are Black.
G/Gee Blacks Shortened from Gangster or OG (Original Gangster). Used as a greeting between gang members (“Yo, G, what up?”). Used in a derogatory fashion by members of other races or non-gang members.
Gar Blacks Redneck term. Short for nig-GAR. Could also refer to the Gar, a fish similar to the piranha, found in streams in the Southern US and eating by many Southern Blacks.
Gatorbait Blacks Dark meat of the chicken that was fed to alligators.
GED Blacks The highest level of education many Blacks get to.
Geechee Blacks Specifically a derogatory term referring to the Gullah culture of African ex-slaves on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina/Georgia/Northern Florida.
Ghetto Blacks Many Black people are forced into poor, crowded neighborhoods, like Jews were during the Holocaust. The crowded, poor Jewish neighborhoods were called “Ghettoes.” So are the poor, crowded neighborhoods that Blacks are forced into.
Ghetto Hamster Blacks Black Children. A disposable pet.
Ghetto Monkey Blacks Blacks tend to live in ghettos.
Ghost Rider Blacks Blacks who have sex with whites.
Gimpy Blacks It is an often stereotype that most people who collect unemployment are black. And blacks pretend they are injured so they can collect.
Glocky Blacks Always carry Glocks when the go dealing
Golliwog Blacks Refers to an old black caricature doll.
Gor Blacks Rodney Gor (ney-gor)
Gorilla Blacks Another Black-primate reference.
Grapico Blacks It is said that blacks have an affinity for grape soda. Grapico is a popular brand in the South.
Greaser Blacks Refers to the oily nature of a black person’s hair.
Gro Blacks From neGRO.
Groid Blacks Short for Negroid.
Gronesha Blacks Black Women. Used at the Battle of Valley Forge to describe the Black women who prepared the cannons.
GTA Blacks Grand Theft Auto games are said to represent the lifestyle of black males.
Guttermonkey Blacks Monkeys that live in the gutter.
Hagwei/Hayquay Blacks Cantonese for “black ghost.”
Hakui Blacks Word means ‘burnt’ in Chinese
Half-Human Blacks Reference to when blacks were counted as half a human for voting purposes.
Hambone Blacks Refers to overweight black men.
Harlem Blacks Harlem’s (NY) residents are primarily Black.
Haunt Blacks See: Spook
Hendrix Blacks Black people who are able to play an electric guitar. Found offensive among certain groups.
High Yellow Blacks Light-skinned black person. Adjective, generally used by blacks in describing blacks with a light complexion
HNIC Blacks Acronym for “Head Nigger In Charge.” Used by Morgan Freeman’s character in “Lean on Me.”
Ho Baas Blacks Words uttered when a gun is pointed at Blacks in old South Africa. “Baas” being Afrikaans for boss.
Ho De Doz Blacks They work in large hotels and “hold the door” to let white folks in
Holy Shit Blacks Black Priests only
Homey/Homie Blacks Synonymous with friend in the black community, used by other races to poke fun at that.
Hoopty Blacks Black people in the United States and Canada use this term to refer to an older, beaten up, junky car.
Hootie Blacks From the pop band of the 1980’s Hootie and the Blowfish. The lead singer was black (obviously Hootie). The other members of the band were white (Blowfish).
Horse-Gums Blacks Self-explanatory.
Hotel Blacks Ebonics: “I gave the bitch crabs and the hotel everybody.”
Hotnot Blacks Probably derived from Afrikaans “Hottentot”, a name for a very traditional Khoisan group generally recognized as among the most primitive on earth.
House Nigger Blacks The slaves called the butlers house niggers, basic Uncle Tom reference.
Huey Blacks Black Panther founder Huey P. Newton
Hutch Blacks Used by some southern people to refer to black people. May reference the type of cage used to keep small animals.
Huxtable Blacks Taken from the Cosby show. A commentary on rich black people living like whites.
I P’s Blacks stands for Indigenous Population
Inky Blacks Referring to the color of skin. Used mainly by darker-skinned Blacks to lighter-skinned Blacks. Also Ink Baby or Inkspot.
J.J. Blacks A goofy black guy, like the guy from Good Times.
Jackamammy Blacks Combination of ‘jack rabbit’ and ‘Aunt Jemima.’ People have said that jack rabbits looked like ‘lynched’ black people.
Jackpot Blacks Cause they always want to hit the jackpot
Jambo Blacks Refers to Blacks from Africa who are considered by other Blacks as unsophisticated. Comes from ‘Jambo Kenya’ in the Kenya National Anthem
Jar Jar Blacks In Star Wars Episode 1, the computer-generated character Jar Jar Binks was filled with stereotypical black behavior. The actor who did the voice was also Black.
Jellybean Blacks “Everyone hates the black ones.”
Jerry Curl Blacks Popular black hairstyle.
Jersey-Dweller Blacks New Jersey = the arm pit of America, this does not mean that African Americans live in Jersey. However, in any city in America, African Americans can be found in the worst parts (or arm pits) of that city. Therefore making them Jersey-dwellers.
Jet Blacks For their “jet black” skin. Also for the black-orienied weekly magazine JET.
Jiffy Pop Blacks Specifically Rastifarians. The traditional Rastafarian hat resembles a popped container of Jiffy Pop popcorn
Jig Blacks Short for Jigaboo.
Jig And A Pig Blacks Black men go for fat white chicks
Jigaboo Blacks Very dark-skinned Black people. Usually used among lighter-skinned African-Americans to refer to ones of very dark complexion. Made popular in the 1975 movie “Cooley High.” Often shortened to “Jig.”
Jigga Blacks Shortening of Jigaboo used in pop culture today,
Jim Blacks Heard it used by Renko on Hill Street Blues. He called an older black man “Jim” and the guy flipped out and roared, “Who are you callin’ Jim?” Most likely comes from the old Black slave character Jim in the book _Tom Sawyer_.
Jim Crow Blacks Used a lot during the Civil War. He was a stereotypical minstrel show character, history described here. Also used to describe segregationist laws in the south, but I recently read about a bus driver who was fired for using the term to describe a black person.
Jr. Mint Blacks White on inside, black on outside.
Juba Blacks The black slave from the movie “Gladiator.”
July Ham Blacks July Ham is a Watermelon
June Bug Blacks They come out in great numbers in the summer, and sit in the middle of the road.
Jungle Bunny Blacks Jungle is referred to their jungle origins and bunny is referred to some people saying that jack rabbits looked like ‘lynched’ black people.
Justin Igger Blacks Ie. “Hey I know that guy, he’s Justin Igger”
Kaffer/ir Blacks Afrikaaner word for blacks, very derogatory. Made popular by Lethal Weapon 2.
Kaffir Blacks In apartheit South Africa, it meant much the same as ‘nigger’ does in the United States.
Kala Blacks Indian word for the color black. Used by Indians as a slur for black people.
KFC Blacks Black people like fried chicken.
Kingfish Blacks From Amos & Andy. Usually in reference to a poor, older black man.
Kirby Blacks Cuban slur for blacks. Kirby is a popular black bean manufacturer amongst cubans.
Kizzy Blacks Kunta Kinte’s daughter from the movie Roots.
Knees Grow Blacks Comes from Negro.
Knuckle-Dragger Blacks Often believed that black people have longer arms than other races and therefore their knuckles would drag.
Kobe Blacks The popular black basketball player recently embroiled in a rape trial.
Koku-jin Blacks Japanese term for Blacks or anyone of African descent.
Koolaid Blacks Black people are stereotypically partial to the red Koolaid.
Kooshi Blacks Hebrew word for Africa or a black person
Kunta (Kinte) Blacks From Kunta Kinte in the book/movie “Roots.”
Kurochan Blacks Japanese derogatory term-“kuro”=black color; “chan”=suffix used for children or someone younger
Kurombo Blacks Used in Japan; considered very derogatory. Comes from “kuro” (=black color) and “bo” (casual suffix meaning young man).
Kushi Blacks Israelis call black ethiopians kushi and blacks period. Means nigger. Originated from Cush.
Lando Blacks “Lando” is the token Black character in both the original Star Wars Trilogy, and in Clerks: The Animated Series (Which lampoons that aspect of Star Wars)
Latifah Blacks Reference to famous black actor/singer.
Lawn Jockey Blacks Most all Lawn Jockeys are Black, sometimes also known as Porch Monkey. Author Ralph Ellison used the term to describe black people who felt/were treated as if they were speaking on behalf of the black race.
Leprecoon Blacks Combination of Leprechaun and Coon for blacks of Irish descent.
Leroy Blacks A stereotypically black name. Typically used as the name of a character is a racial joke, e.g.
LeRoy Rogers Blacks Black cowboys.
Levar Blacks Educated blacks. Refers to Levar Burton of “Reading Rainbow” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fame.
Lincoln’s Mistake Blacks US President Abraham Lincoln is known to have freed the slaves.
Little (Black) Sambo Blacks As with the Golliwog, originated as a relatively benign though mildly offensive characterization and was adapted by other writers to embody many black stereotypes of the time. Currently embodies stereotypes of docility, laziness, stupidity, and disloyalty.
Liver Lips Blacks Self Explanatory
Liverlips Blacks because it looks like they have liver on thier faces (originates in the southern US)
Lucius Blacks Commonly used on poor black people. During the period prior to the Civil War, many blacks were named after famous Romans (e.g. Lucius, Marcus, Scipio, etc.)
Lugz Blacks Named after the brand of footwear who’s ad campaign is targeted towards blacks.
Ma Se Poes Blacks Comes from the general curse used by Afrikaans-speaking South Africans (mainly coloureds in Cape Town), “Jou ma se poes”, which means “Your mother’s cunt”. Not that common anymore
Magila Gorilla Blacks Term for a Huge, Fat, Black man.
Mammy Blacks Similar to Aunt Jemima. Stereotype of black women as nannies to white children, especially overweight black women – see “Gone With The Wind”.
Mandingo Blacks In reference to the 1975 blacksploitation movie with the same name.
Mandinka Blacks Reference to the motion picture “Roots”: A Mandinka warrior was a ‘Big Black Buck’.
Mangro-Monkey Blacks Monkeys live in mangroves.
Maroon Blacks When the slave ships had a troublemaking slave-to-be they would drop him off on a small island or rock in the middle of the ocean thus ‘marooning’ him.
MARTA Blacks Metro Atlanta Regional Transit Authority. Or as it’s sometimes known: Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.
Mavro/Mav Blacks Greek word for black
Mayate Blacks Hispanic term for ‘Nigger.’
McNigga Blacks Reference to McDonald’s new line of advertising campaigns marketed towards blacks.
Mechanical Blacks English rhyming slang – Mechanical digger = Nigger
Melanzana Blacks Italian for “eggplant” – very dark black people have a purplish tint to their skin, so does eggplant.
Mellanoid Blacks Dictionary: one having dark pigmentation.
Melon Johnny Blacks Italian slang for Blacks.
Meshky Blacks Translated into Farsi (Persian language) means “black”. Used commonly among young white boys as undercover means of saying “nigger”
Mi Dang Blacks The Vietnamese term for African Americans.
Midnight Blacks Self-explanatory.
Milk Dud Blacks A black person with a shaved head.
Milkman Blacks Black men who prefer white women. Used by blacks.
Mishwa Blacks Means “barbequed” or “grilled” in Arabic, blacks for their dark skin. Mishweya for females.
Miss Cleo Blacks A reference to the (in)famous commercial personality.
Missippi Tree Emblem Blacks Due to when they were hung in the Southern states.
Mississippi Blue Lip Blacks Old redneck term.
Miyate Blacks Mexican/Latino slang for “minority”.
MLK Blacks Pronouced “milk,” made due to misrepresentation of national holidays
Mo And Yo Blacks 2 of the more common sounds they make in their general street slang.
Moanback Blacks From Southern black garbage men giving the driver directions on when to back up (Come on back, or ‘mon back).
Monday Blacks Nobody likes Mondays.
Monkey Blacks Similar appearance/genetics.
Monkeyboy Blacks People once believed, because of their high cranium, blacks were close cousins to primates.
Mono Blacks A hispanic term for blacks meaning monkey in most dialects.
Montu Blacks Old African word that refers to tribes people.
Mooliachi Blacks Female version of Mooley. Used in The Godfather.
Moolie Blacks Shortened from Melanzane, meaning “eggplant” in Italian. Eggplants have black skin.
Moolignon Blacks Italian for eggplant (technically Mulignane). Could be combination of Moolie and hooligan.
Moon Cricket Blacks See Cricket. Possibly derived from the “MC” often used after many black nicknames. Also a possible reference to the minoral aspect of the African race in the United States. A black person(cricket) in a sea of white(the moon).
Mottisa Blacks Back in slave days the Black servants would ask “Mo tee Sah”, which in proper English translates to “More tea Sir?”
Mow-Mow Blacks Refers to the Mau Mau movement in Kenya , that rose up in protest to the theft of their land by the British. Mau Mau is european-invented name; the Gikuyu people is the Kenyan name.
Mr. Big Blacks From Yaphet Kotto’s Character in the Bond film “Live and Let Die.”
Mr. Bojangles Blacks William “Bojangles” Robinson was a famous black dancer.
Muckadoo Blacks Shawnee, Native American term for “Mud person”
Mud Duck Blacks Dark skin. See Mud People.
Mud Flaps Blacks Black people who have large lips.
Mud People Blacks Sentiment that only Wasps are born with souls, everyone else God made from mud. Also suggests life without meaning, value or worth. Used by the church that was attended by Mr. Smith – the hate killer that shot up a bunch of Jews and Blacks in the summer of ’99.
Mud Turtle Blacks Being bottom-feeders; Mud “musk” turtles have a distinct odor and are mud-colored
Mufasa Blacks James Earl Jones’ character from The Lion King.
Muffin-head Blacks Reference to the popular black hair style of afro’s.
Mulunyan Blacks Italian word for egg plant, which is black when uncooked.
Munt Blacks Rhodesian. Comes from the African word for “person”
N’er Blacks Nonchalant way of saying “nigger.”
Naca Blacks North American Concrete Ape
NAGA Blacks North American Ground Ape; Affectionately used by the LAPD during the Watts riot in Los Angeles.
Nagur Blacks The Irish-Americans called black people “Nagurs” because they could not pronounce the word “Nigger” with their accent.
NAHA Blacks North American Hairless Apes
NAPA Blacks Nother American Pavement Apes.
Nappy Head Blacks Refers to hair type.
Nappy-headed Ho Blacks Black female basketball players (Thanks Don Imus, you racist douchebag)
Neekeri/Nekru Blacks Finnish for “nigger.”
Negative Blacks South African – Referred to as undeveloped (as in film negatives).
Negress Blacks Black female. Adapted from “nigger”.
Negro Blacks Once acceptable, it is now often taken derogatorily by Blacks.
Negroid Blacks Negro + oid; +oid being a general english suffix meaning related to.
Nelly Blacks Like Mammy. Common black name/character in Antebellum South.
NFT Blacks NFT is the name of the MetroBus system in Buffalo, the initials came to represent Nigger Freight Train
Ni-ni Blacks Used instead of “nigger” in potentially sensitive company, to avoid being overheard, or to appear politically correct.
Niche Blacks Used by Cubans regarding Blacks.
Nig-nog Blacks Used in England. Probably from the Dutch “niknok” (nigger) by way of South Africa.
Niggabyte Blacks A computer geek who happens to be Black.
Niggapotomous Blacks An extremely fat nigger.
Nigger Blacks Most likely originates with the Latin word “niger” which translates to “black”. Similar words for “black” exist in other languages (Spanish, for example, is “negro”). Also somewhat relates to the African country Nigeria, which is primarily black. Many variations exist, including “Nig”, “Nigel”, “Niggy”, “Niggly”, etc. Some interesting history.
Nigger mortis Blacks It’s like rigor mortis, except you’re just too lazy to move.
Niggerachi Blacks Black person who acts Hispanic
Niggerette Blacks Black women. Adapted from: Nigger, See: Nigger.
Niggerino Blacks A little nigger
Niggeroid Blacks Usually light skinned mixed breed black and any other race.
Nigglet Blacks Black children. Adapted from mixing Nigger with the word piglet (a baby pig)
Nightcrawler Blacks Out at night,
Niglige Blacks This describes the snow that piles up on the side of the street that turns black. To make a black snowman, you use niglige.
Nigloo Blacks In northern Canada, it refers to Blacks living way up north in the cold with the Eskimos.
Nignorant Blacks Nigger + ignorant.
Nigonometry Blacks Blacks who are scholars at math.
Nigra Blacks Used by Whites in the Jim Crow South who were too lace-curtain to say “nigger” but too racist to say “Negro.”
Nigress Blacks Black women. Nigress is to Nigger as Tigris is to Tiger.
Niknok Blacks Dutch version of Nigger.
Nineteens (19’s) Blacks When choosing an exterior color for a Cadillac, a popular car amongst Blacks, the color code for black is 19.
Nitch Blacks The females. Nigger-Bitch.
Nog Blacks Stands for “Nigger Out of Gas”. Used by White police officers to describe Blacks who run out of gas and wait for the police to supply them some, which, supposedly, by law they have to do.
NOLA Blacks Hurricane Katrina evacuees
Nonswimmer Blacks You don’t often see Black swimming
Nooc Blacks Coon backwards
November Blacks In the phonetic alphabet, “nigger” is spelled: November – India – Golf – Golf – Echo – Romeo
Nubian Princess Blacks Originally was a compliment for Black women, grew popularity from the movie “Friday” then was commonly used mockingly under mentality that a Nubian meaning African even with a title of princess is still a Nigger.
Number 2 Blacks Usually when checking off racial or ethnic background African-American is the second choice.
Nurple Blacks African Blacks, specifically. “So black they appear purple.”
O.J. Blacks From the football star/accused murderer O.J. Simpson.
O.T.W. Blacks Other Than White. Could be used for any non-caucasian race
Oar Tuggers Blacks Self explanatory
OBG Blacks Original Blue Gums. Refering to the color of thier gums
Oil Slick Blacks A very dark skinned black person who is sweaty, making his skin slippery.
Old Brown Tucker Blacks Slur for an old African American man. Comes from a popular song during the time of the Civil War.
Omarosa Blacks Bitchy black woman from the TV show “The Apprentice”
Orb Blacks The word ‘bro’ backwards.
Orlando Blacks Used by other black people to refer to the ‘old-school’ blacks who do not keep current with the ‘gansta’ styles of music or clothing.
Othello Blacks Refers to black men who only date white women. Reference to the Shakespearean play of the same title about a black man named Othello married to a white woman.
P.O.A. Blacks Previously Owned American
Palta Blacks Means avocado in south american spanish, referring to the color of a ripe avocado
Papolo Blacks Hawaiian word for “purple.”
Patio Primate Blacks Politically-correct version of “Porch Monkey”
Pez Dispenser Blacks Used to refer to black women who have a great deal of children.
Pickaninny Blacks From the days of slavery. Three possible origins: The slave owners would “pick a nincompoop” from the lineup of slaves; or the slave children who couldn’t pick cotton “ain’t pickaninny”; in some parts of the south, breasts are referred to as ninnys, so pickaninny was a reference to blacks being used as wetnurses.
Pine Sol Blacks A fat black woman – inspired by the Pine Sol commercials.
Pine Tree Ornament Blacks Pine trees were the tree of choice to hang blacks
Pineapple Blacks Blacks who act like Asians, or is very into Asian culture. Black on the outside, yellow on the inside
Pink-Heel Blacks Color of heel is pink.
Pit Blacks Black Children. Stands for ‘Perpetrator In Training.’
Platneus Blacks Afrikaans. Means flat nose
Plow Jockey Blacks Blacks used to work the plows before the Civil War.
POC Blacks Person Of Color
Point-Six (.6) Blacks Reference to the 3/5ths Compromise, where the US Gov’t decided that slaves (Blacks) only counted as 3/5ths of a person for population reasons. (3/5=.6)
Pontiac Blacks Stands for “poor old nigger thinks it’s a Cadillac”
Poo Blacks Poo-Poo (Feces are black or brown in color.)
Pookie Blacks In the movie “New Jack City” Chris Rock played a black/crack-head named Pookie
Popolo Blacks Hawaiian for ‘black person.’
Porch Monkey Blacks Low-income housing with no air conditioning led to many blacks in the projects sitting on the porch to stay cool. It was said that they looked like monkeys at the zoo. The adults were called “porch monkeys,” and the children were “yard apes.”
Prapper Blacks A Gang known as the Bloods, say PRAAAAAP! sounding like a machine gun. It is used when 2 Bloods meet and greet.
Pretzel Blacks Used in situations when saying the word “Nigger” would be inappropriate
Prieto Blacks Used by hispanics in conjunction with nigger, but not just for black people.
Primate Blacks Ape reference
Property Blacks Blacks were regarded as property and openly bought or traded before the Yankees won.
Pube Head Blacks Black persons hair appears to be pubic.
Pubie Blacks Refers to the pubic-like hair on blacks’ heads.
Puddle Duck Blacks From “Jemima Puddle Duck,” a Peter Rabbit character
Pusher-Man Blacks Drug dealing is the popular occupation in urban ghettos.
Quashee Blacks Used by British to refer to blacks (originally slaves) in the West Indies; derived from Quassi, name of slave from Surinam who became famous
Ragoona Blacks New Orleans white slang refering to the “doo-rag” which blacks frequently wear to keep their hair in place.
Raisinhead Blacks Used on the TV show “Rescue Me”
Re-nigg Blacks Explains a shift change at any of your local popular fast food establishments.
Redbone Blacks Used by darker-colored Blacks to refer to Blacks with a very light complexion. Origin unknown. Link
Reggie Blacks Common name, especially for famous Black sports stars.
Reggin Blacks Nigger spelled backwards
Reggina Blacks “A Nigger” spelled backwards
Remote Control Blacks Remotes are black and they do things for you. (slavery)
Roach Blacks They come out at night to raise hell – turn on the lights and they scatter
Rock Blacks Used by lifeguards, because they’re always rescuing blacks; they sink like rocks.
Rockfish Blacks Plays on the stereotype that blacks cannot swim, and will “sink like a rock.” Also: “African rockfish.”
Roid Blacks Short for Negroid.
Rope-Head Blacks Name for younger black women who use thick, braided hair weaves because the end result often looks like rope.
Rope-Straightener Blacks Self explanatory
Royal Hawaiian Blacks Blacks in Hawaii who attempt to pass themselves off as ethnically Hawaiian.
Rufus Blacks After the character “Rufus Xavier Sasparilla” from schoolhouse rock.
Runs, The Blacks The “runs” is a term commonly used to speak of diahrrea; also because black people are known to excel in running
Safe Blacks Because the government gives them food, housing, money and protects them from “hate”.
Sailor Blacks Because they constantly wear the clothing line Nauitica, yet very, very few own a boat.
Sambo Blacks See Little (Black) Sambo.
San Blacks (S)tupid (A)ss (N)igger .. see Dan
Sanford Blacks From Sanford and Son.
Satchmo Blacks Originally Louis Armstrong’s nickname. Can be heard amongst other slurs in the People Haters song, “You’re A Nigger”
Scat Blacks Scat is also known as animal fecal matter, which is brown; also for Scat music which is from black origin
Schwartza Blacks (sh-var-tza) Stems from the Yiddish word schvartz, or black. It is not derogatory in nature, but usually ends up being used in not the nicest of ways.
Schwarzenigger Blacks A black man who is extremely muscular.
Schwarzie Blacks ‘Schwarz’ is German for ‘black.’
Schwoogie Blacks Believed to be contraction of Yiddish/German schwatrz (black) and boogie.
Semi-Simian Blacks Simian meaning of, relating to, or resembling monkeys or apes.
Shade Blacks Old-fashioned term derived because blacks are dark like a shade
Shadow Blacks Refers to color of skin
Shadow-Smurf Blacks They the darkest of all Smurfs.
Shaft Blacks Black man, from black exploitation film “Shaft”
Shaka Zulu Blacks Leader of the Zulu tribe in Africa located in present day Zimbabwe
Shine/Shiner Blacks In reference to the shine their skin can sometimes give off. Also a 1920’s main occupation, shoe shiners.
Shipping Cargo Blacks Refers to slave trading. Slaves to be shipped were packed inhumanly close.
Shit-Slinger Blacks A typical behavior of monkeys is to throw feces.
Shitheel Blacks Slang term for a Black servant. Southern origins.
Shitskin Blacks Color of skin.
Shoe Shiner Blacks Many shoe shiners in cities are black.
Shuffalong Blacks Supposed to mean “shuffle along.” Refering to lazy slaves.
Shvartz Blacks Yiddish (German origin) word for Black. Used neutrally and disparagingly.
Shvatsa Blacks Yiddish word for nigger
Shvooga Blacks Another word in Yiddish that means nigger
Silverback Blacks Old Black. Silverbacks are the leaders in a pack of gorillas.
Silvery Blacks Cockney rhyming slang for Coon – Silvery Moon – Silvery.
Simian Blacks Primate
Sir Mix A Lot Blacks They like big butts and they cannot lie…
Six Blacks In the times of political correctness this is a good way to say Nigger without getting jumped. I belive it has to do with 6 letters in the word nigger. To use in a sentence; “Hey, look at that 6 over there.”
Sixer Blacks On the U.S. census, African American is code number six on the list of ethnicities.
Skillet Blacks Refers to the color of iron skillets.
Skinflint Blacks Skin appearance related.
Slave Blacks Self-explanatory.
Slave Ships Blacks Refers to pregnant black women. The idea is that they are carrying many children packed tightly inside. Similar to a slave ship.
Sleestack Blacks From “Land of the Lost.” The Sleestacks were stupid, slow, and apparently very lazy. They could never catch Chaka.
Slide Blacks Used by some police. It was created so that they could refer to blacks in a derrogatory way and not get in trouble. Said because blacks ‘slide’ through everything – they’re lazy. Also said, “part of the White Castle family” (‘sliders’).
Smigger Blacks From the joke “what do you call a Black Smurf?”
Smoke Blacks From the similarity between their skin color and the color of smoke. Also from the way that they were said to be able to sneak around quietly, entering a room “like smoke”.
Smoked Irish Blacks Irish, especially during the late 19th early 20th century, were thought of as no better than “niggers,” and conversely, blacks were associated with them.
Smokefoot Blacks Color of feet.
Smokestack Blacks Believed to originate in pre WW II Detroit. Comparison to the blackened smokestacks of the manufacturing plants.
Smokey Blacks Self explanatory
Sneakers Blacks They always come in pairs
Snipes Blacks Wesley Snipes is the blackest of the Black people.
Snob Blacks Blacks who can’t afford cars and are always seen riding bikes: (S)illy (N)iggers (O)n (B)ikes
Snowflake Blacks Was used to indicate an educated black man during the civil war; white collar blacks were pretty rare – only white people had desk jobs.
Son Blacks Refers to the way blacks speak Ebonics and append the word “son” to every phrase/sentence.
Sooty Blacks Self-explanatory
Soul Food Blacks From the black drama “Soul Food.”
Southern Windchime Blacks During the days of the KKK many black people were hanged from th same tree.
Spabook Blacks Used by Michael Jackson for some unknown reason
Spade Blacks The spades in decks of cards are black.
Spear-Chucker Blacks Comes from the hunting styles of African tribal natives.
Splib Blacks Most likely origin comes from the 1960’s as an acronym for: South Philadelphia Lower-Income Blacks.
Spliv Blacks Washington DC area police term
Spoda Blacks How blacks talk (ex.) “We ain’t Spoda be here.” (we aren’t supposed to be here)
Sponge Head Blacks African’s naturally bouncy/kinky hair, when uncut, tends to be big and poofy when dried out. When you sqeeze it it seems as if it would bounce back at release
Spook Blacks Because of their dark skin, which can blend into the night, making them ghost-like.
Spoon Blacks From the reflection you see when looking at a spoon. Originates from the shape of a Black person’s nose
Spoonbill Blacks A spoonbill is a type of bird. Look at one and the origin will be obvious.
Spota Blacks (Pronounced Spoh-tuh) Stereotype of dumb inner city blacks’ slang for supposed to. “Spota get a job. Spota take care of the kids. Spota not break the law.”
Stacks Blacks From the movie Goodfellas, character Stacks Edwards, the only black character, manages to fuck up the heist.
Stepn Fetchit Blacks Stage name of American actor Lincoln Perry, type cast as a slow, uneducated & easily frightened Black man. Derogatory term also used to suggest the toady behavior of Black civil servants.
Stovelid Blacks A book from the 1950’s set in Florida (_The Lotus Eaters_) used Stovelid, which makes some sense if you’ve ever operated a big wood stove – the lids are the disks set into the big holes on top (these eventually became burners when the design was refined to use gas or electric).
Stovepipe Blacks Stovepipes from wood-fired stoves get encrusted with black soot, hence the association.
Strange Fruit Blacks Coined by Blacks during slavery to refer to other Blacks who were hanged from trees. Used in a Billie Holiday song during the Civil Rights movement. See: Apple (2).
Strap Hangers Blacks When the whites were sitting on the bus, the blacks had to stand and hold onto the strap.
Street Cheetah Blacks A reference to the ghetto, i.e. uneducated Black criminals hanging around the streets day and night, along with the speed of young black males, like Cheetahs, the fastest animals in the jungle.
Sub-Human Blacks They are said to be the missing link between apes and humans.
Suntan Blacks Refers to their dark skin color.
Suspect Blacks Self-explanatory.
Swamp Donkey Blacks Blacks from rural areas
Swamp-Runner Blacks Blacks running from slavery
Swamper Blacks Refers to poor blacks who live in rural areas, especially if the area is predominantly white
Sway Blacks They tended to sway from trees back in the Civil War days.
Sweaty Blacks Perception that blacks appear sweaty and greasy.
Sweetback Blacks Name of Black Pimp in Melvin Van Peebles movie who kills white police and gets away with it, common aspiration of black ghetto youths
Swinger Blacks Blacks being hung
Tagger Blacks They often leave the tags on clothing.
Tar Baby Blacks Skin color. From the “Uncle Remus” (Br’er Rabbit) story.
Ted Stevens Blacks A brand of candied chocolate in England; Quite dull and worthless.
Terrence Blacks Likely comes from the black singer Terence Trent D’Arby, who claimed that his debut album was the most important album since “Sgt. Pepper” and then bored his audience with self-important lyrics, losing major credibility in the process.
The Element Blacks Used in reference to minorities in terms of location. Example: This neighborhhod was nice until the element moved in. Not necessarily specific to Blacks.
The Missing Link Blacks The oldest living black person in a community.
Thick Lips Blacks Originates from Shakespeare’s Othello
Thief Blacks Common stereotype
Thing-a-manigger Blacks Used when talking about a third(black) person you don’t know.
Thirty-Six-Thirty (36-30) Blacks The latitude line between slave and free states
Three-Fifth (3/5) Blacks Same vain as Point-Six. In reference to the 3/5ths Compromise, where the US Gov’t decided that slaves (Blacks) only counted as 3/5ths of a person for population reasons.
Thumper Blacks Blacks listen to loud “thumping” music in their cars.
Tibbs Blacks Reference to one of the cast members of “In the Heat of the Night.”
Tifuti Blacks Black Brazilians. Word for “niggar” in Brazil, pronounced CHEE-foo-CHEE
Tigger Blacks A “typical nigger”
Tizzun Blacks Neapolitan derogatory term for black person.
TNB Blacks Acronym for “Typical Nigger Behaviour”
Toad Blacks In prison, this is a widely used word for blacks.
Toby Blacks Reference to the character in “Roots.”
Toilet Swimmer Blacks When sitting on the toilet, reference to large genetalia
Token Blacks Indicates that a person is unqualified for his/her position and received it on racial grounds. One of the two black characters on the show South Park is named Token. Could be used for any race.
Tokenbump Blacks For blacks that ride in hoopties with loud systems and smoke marijuana
Tom Robinson Blacks Black criminals. Comes from “To Kill a Mockingbird”
Tootsie Rolls Blacks Black children. Tootsie rolls are small and brown.
Tounge-Clicker Blacks The Language for som African Peoples involves clicking of the tounge
Tree Hockey Blacks Used by hockey players to make fun of blacks playing basketball.
Tree Ornament Blacks Hanging reference.
Tree-Jumper Blacks Mike Tyson in an interview referred to others calling him a “tree jumper”, obviously because monkeys in the jungle jump between trees in the forest canopy
Tree-Swinger Blacks Either from monkeys or the victim of a lynching.
Trigger Blacks Rerence to high murder rate. Sounds like Nigger
Tripod Blacks Stereotypical large penises
Tutsoon/Tootsoon Blacks Origins in Chicago (particularly Italians).
Tycoon Blacks A black man from Thailand
Tyrone Blacks Popular Black name
Tyvek Blacks Refers to unusual names given to many black men; actually, a material used by Du Pont for large mailing envelopes.
Ubangi Blacks A river in Africa.
Uncle Ben Blacks Black man on the famous rice box.
Uncle Tom Blacks Blacks who suck up to white people. In reference to the Uncle Tom character in the famous 1852 book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Unemployus Africanus Blacks Genus & species. Scientific name. self explanatory
Urkel Blacks Nerdy Blacks. Character from “Family Matters” TV show.
Vacuum Cleaner Blacks Their noses represent a vacuum. Also used because they “vacuum up” much cocaine.
Vanilla Coke Blacks Black people with white personalities.
Vanilla Gorilla Blacks A black guy who acts white. Used mostly to describe unathletic blacks, who, according to stereotypes, should be naturally good at sports
Velcro-head Blacks Characteristics of the hair.
Vinny Del Blacks Vinny del Negro was a basketball player
Voodoo Blacks Stereotypical thought of blacks using voodoo.
Water Buffalo Blacks Originally meant for noisy people but gained notoriety when a Jewish University of Pennsylvania student used it to describe members of a black sorority who held a loud party while he was trying to study. It turned into a hate crime case.
Watermelon Blacks For their fondness for watermelon. Used in the movie “48 Hours”.
Wayans Blacks The whole “Wayans” family was on In Living Color
Webe Blacks Pronounced “we be”, this refers to the inability of most blacks to conjugate the “be” verb, thus resulting in “we be” instead of “we are” when making references to themselves.
Welfare Monkey Blacks See Welfare Mother.
Welfare Mother Blacks Common stereotype representing that large, black, single-parent families are disproportionately represented on welfare rolls.
Whale Turd Blacks Derived from the joke – Q. What do you call a black in the ocean? A. A whale turd.
Whipping Post Blacks Black people were whipped while they were slaves.
White Wall Blacks White wall tires have a thin line of white. Used for blacks who pretend to be white.
Whose My Daddy? Blacks Common question among black children.
Wikki Wikki Blacks DJ turntable scratching noise, often heard in rap music.
Willy B. Blacks famous gorilla from the Atlanta Zoo
Windchimes Blacks A common practice of southerners was to hang blacks. When the wind blew and swung them back and forth against each other southerners would refer to them as windchimes.
Wookie Blacks In reference to the big brown Chewbacca the Wookie
Wool Head Blacks Self-explanatory.
Yard Ape Blacks Low-income housing quite often has no air conditioning. Thus, people who live in housing projects often sit out front to keep cool. This slur originated in the 60’s and 70’s.
YBM Blacks Young Black Male, police terminology.
Yen Blacks Yellow Eyed Nigger. These are Blacks, usually male, that due to a life of hard substance abuse have the whites of their eyes turn a hepatitis yellow.
Yo Yo Blacks “Yo Yo’s hang from strings.”
Yom Blacks In Brooklyn is short for melanzane.
Yombo Blacks The Yombo was a sandwich way back when that was the first to come in a styrofoam box. Spelled “Yumbo” or “Yambo”
Yont’an Saram Blacks Korean for “coal person”
You People Blacks Ross Perot, while at the 1992 NAACP convention in Nashville TN, frequently addressed his audience as “you people.” Revitalized again in April, 2007 when Don Imus said “I can’t get any place with you people” on the Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio show.
Ze Goggles Blacks They do nothing.
Zigaboo Blacks Variant of Jigaboo.
Zip Coon Blacks Black stereotypical character from Antebellum South.
Zoo Ape Blacks Ape in a zoo = Nigger in jail
Zoot Blacks Blacks in the 1930s/1940s used to wear snazzy suits called zoot suits.
Zulu Blacks Tribe name in Africa